Sacrosanctity (May 15, 2007)

(This post was originally written for my old MySpace blog 6 years ago, on May 15, 2007. My thoughts then are a mystery to me now.)

I am listening to Aphex Twin’s “Blue Calx” as I type this.

A Cornish acid musician whose earlier works give you the feeling of “nothing else matters”. Such as my personal favorite, “Xtal.”

Music has shaped my very being into something that I feel is something to be proud of. It gives me hope in times of distress. It also gives me rich ideas for writing, thanks to some part of my mind which allows this.

I see the iridescent color of oil on a wet road. It seems to be nothing more than an attempt at polluting the ground below it. That may be, but those colors give those who see beyond simple refined petroleum an indeterminate complex of more colors that are beyond description. During which time, every worry and care disappear for that one ephemeral moment.

One morning before dawn, I went out jogging. I was supposed to meet up with a friend, but he was too tired to get out of bed, then told me about it on the school bus that same morning. So I went alone.

It was perhaps very fortunate that he decided to sleep it off.

I scaled down the road I lived on, down the way I less traveled. I saw the streetlights radiating a calming golden light. After about a mile, I saw the eastern sky beginning to lighten.

At that point, my mind played “Blue Calx”. A fitting name, it seemed, for what I saw: the raw ambience I saw and felt dispelled not only the acid in my legs from running, but dispelled everything I thought that would burden me from going for it in life.

As you go through life, admire the simple things in life, the simple pleasures that make you feel good, not necessarily physical pleasure. When I bite into a Boston Cream donut, that initial combined taste of chocolate and custard gives me one of the best rushes I can feel. When I defeat a very hard video game boss, I get a similar rush.

Just feel good about life and its simple pleasures.


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